OpAmazonia Brazil: Amapa Military Police hacked and leaked


We are forest.
We are nature.
We are earth.

We heard fasc*st Bolsonaro and his Brazilian elite make a vow to destroy the Amazon and start a massacre in the depth of the rainforest. We know he is only another puppet been ordered by his bosses, the capitalists and the international corporations.

Capitalists have been attacking to destroy our earth for profit and hegomania with egomaniacs, racists and fascists such as Bolsonaro.

These attacks are a new phase and a strongest approach of capitalist systems. These attacks are being done in different regions of the world. We see this chaos in South America, Africa and Asia, where profits have surpassed any morality. All of course pushed by the rich nations of Europe, the USA, Russia and China. They imprison, oppress, torture, kill people, having a different form of life and who dont obey them, by different forms of puppets.

Anarchist, Communists, Anti-fascists, Anti-capitalists, Indigenous people, Mapuche people, Chiapas folks, ZADists, Hambach Forest people, Kurdistan folks, Native Americans etc are a few in this category. People, we count in this category, are fighting governments, police, military, profiteers, fascists, capitalists, racists, corporations -example: mining companies- and oppressers to defend lands, forests, earth, rights, freedom and form of life etc.

Progress is good for humanity, but if you want to expand your farms and feed your livestock, destroy your buildings and stop overpopulation. If you destroy nature, we all will not stay alive.

The Amazon is not the only forest in danger (green lung?) but is become the symbol of the struggle between the capitalist system and a new way of seeing the planet resources not like “commodities” to buy and sell for profit.

This call is one step in that direction.
Time to act in offensive solidarity with them.
Time to participate in this struggle.
Time to fight against this archaic system.
Time to destroy the system.

Leaks: Amapa Military Police, Brazil
We are Anonymous,
We are Autonomen,
We are Ungovernable,
We are Action.

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